Sunday, February 05, 2006


this is our first post from CHINA!!!!! After the longest sleepless flight ever, we arrived into Beijing at 3 p.m. yesterday. We actually flew over the North Poll, wich I thought would win big brownie points with Ethan, and when we called him this morning he could hardly care. (Christmas so soon forgotten) We arrived at the airport and were met by Great Wall guides. They loaded us on a bus for the Plaza Hotel. It was an excrutiating 45 minute drive, a fight to keep my eyes open the whole time. We drove on one of Beijing many Ring Roads (think 610 loop) so we didn't see much. Lots of high rise buildings and a ton of construction for the Beijing Olympics 2008. When we got here I immediately fell into a comatose state that lasted 12 hours (thanks to the happy pills my dr perscribed, hee hee) Brad went on a little walk with another couple in our group to a convienence store. The guides specifically recommended that American tourists should not cross the road on there first day here, but Brad threw caution to the wind and nearly got ran over.
We are headed out to tour the Forbidden City in a balmy 25 degree day. They said it was going to snow last night. God help me that my thin Texan blood with hold up today!!! I hope the Starbucks in the Forbidden City is on the tour, if not we will have a mutney on our hands. After that we will have our first "official" Chinese meal and go to the great Wall. Brad can't wait to start eating real Chinese food and I am probably going to be dropping a few more pounds on this trip.
I am still in shock that we will have our Gwynnie in our arms tomorow afternoon. It has always seemed so far away. We will post again tonight when we get back, and before I take another sleeping pill, I promse.
p.s. yesterday I forgot to mention the great men behind the Grandma's. My dad, Hi is so generously loaning us my mom for three weeks. My father in law, Roy has agreed to live with the insanity also known as my kids for a week. THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU!!!! We love you all!!!!!!!!!!!


Sam said...

YAY!!! You are in China!!! That trip is a killer, but nothing like the one on the way home (sorry to tell you that)! Consider drugs (for all of you)!!!

I am so exicted for you! I will be "stalking" you! I can't wait to see photos!

Have a wonderful time! Please let the director of JiangCheng know that Cheng Li's family sends their best and to expect a package shortly after her birthday.

I'm sending you a HUG!!!

Mom to Cullen & Kieren (Jiang Cheng Li)

The Waters said...

I'm so glad you both made it safely! Thinking of you and cant wait to see some pics of Gwynnie!


Virginia said...

What a trip this must be for you both ~ the adventure, the excitement, the anticipation! Stephen mentioned that you had begun your wonderful journey during Worship yesterday morning. I was up last night at 11:00, checking your latest blog. I simply can't get you off my mind! (I also wrote a note, which seems to have disappeared... I may be too old to blog back!)

I can't imagine how excited you must be about finally getting to hold your beautiful daughter tomorrow. I do hope there's time today for a bit of rest so that you can savor every second of those first joyful moment with Gwyenneth. Please keep in touch and know that you remain in my heart and prayers.

With love,


Cynetha said...

I can't wait til you get home with your new human being.hee hee
Love, Cynetha

the christner's said...

I am so glad to see a "we have arrived" message. I have been thinking about you constantly. I cannot wait to get my arms around that baby!

Hugs and Kisses to you, Brad and Gwynne!
Shelly, Matt, Grace and Ryan

Mia said...

I can't believe that 8 days could go so fast. I'm so thrilled that you are there safe and sound (although Brad really should listen to what they say) lol

You two take good care, enjoy every moment, and bring your precious baby girl Gwynnie home as soon as you can. She will be so loved by many.

Bryan and I say hello to Anne and Hi! We miss you guys and will be in Shingletown in Mid March and will have to stop by and say hi.

Andrea I hope that you found a starbucks, if not I'll drink twice as many for you. What are friends for. I can't wait to keep reading the updates and to especially look at more pictures. Love you lots!


Glaudia-Creator of Dreams said...

I am sooooooo excited for you. You have a lot to give and I look forward to seeing pictures of your family.

Glaudia (Cynetha's Mom)