Tuesday, February 07, 2006

We are Hero’s.

Legend says that if you climb the great wall, you are a hero. Thank goodness it doesn’t say you have to climb the whole thing, hee hee.

Yesterday we took our whirlwind tour of Beijing. Someone said it would snow a little overnight and be clear yesterday. Well, they were a little off. It snowed on us almost all day long. We walked thought Tien an Mein Square thought the south gate into the city. We saw the Moslem that Chairman Maio is laying in state, but were unable to see him. We did stand under the big picture of him that you see in all China video. The Forbidden City was Gorgeous!!! The floors were mostly marble and very slippery; people were falling down left and right. It was snowing so hard that we were too busy looking at where we were stepping to really see the city. My favorite part (next to Starbucks) was the royal garden. I could just imagine it during the spring. They had incredible rock formations and beautiful carved art work on display. I had heard that you see very few little girls when you are out in China, but we found that not to be true. The little girls were everywhere and I just couldn’t stop staring. I want my baby!!!

After they dragged me out of Starbucks, kicking and screaming, we got on a bus and went to tour a Cloisonné (sp) factory and have a traditional Chinese meal. Witch, by the way was delicious. I have to tell you now, a couple here with us went to a Chinese restaurant and ordered a dish that was supposed to be chicken nuggets of some kind. It ended up being fried baby chicks. I am so glad that I brought the peanut butter!!!!!

After lunch we loaded up on the bus again and went to the Great Wall. It was the closest section to the city and VERY steep. The great wall was amazing. They began construction on the wall during the rein of the first emperor. It was constructed to stop the Mongolians from attacking China. The emperor would send out officials to make young men work at the wall and so many died. They said for every kilometer built two men died and were buried under it. The Wall took 2,000 years to complete. Our guide told us that the Chinese people do not like the great wall, but want to visit and climb it to honor all the men who died building it. The section we visited was a portion that was refurbished and the stone blocks had been replaced with concrete. The steps were uneven, ranging from a few inches tall to a few feet tall. Some of the steps were two to three inches warn away from use. The view from the top was breathtaking. I almost bought an “I climbed the Great Wall” T-shirt and now regret that I didn’t.

After all of that you would think that we slept well, not so. We were so excited about Gottcha day we barely slept at all. Again we were up at 4 a.m. Today is going to be a long one. But the one we have been waiting for, for a year. Wish us luck for a peaceful gottcha!!!

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