Thursday, April 12, 2007

Poor Ethan took one look at his Easter basket and promptly ran into the bathroom to throw up. Not the best Easter for him. We did end up at my Mother in Law's house and Ethan was such a trooper. He mustered up enough strength to dye eggs and go on the Easter Egg hunt. All with a smile and a green tint to his face. Last year Alex and Gwynn were sick for Easter, so I guess it was just Ethan's turn.
Wow, now that is a big sucker. It didn't last long before it was found stuck to the carpet, but it was fun while it lasted.
Alex was having a rough morning. He kept getting in trouble for steeling eggs and candy out of his siblings baskets. He has settled into the roll of middle child PERFECTLY!!!!!

Happy Birthday Alex

Here we are celebrating Alex's 4th birthday at "The House of Mouse" that is code for Chuck e Cheese. One of my friends couldn't come to the party, since moving to Texas from California she told her kids they didn't have a Chucki e Cheese in Texas. We couldn't spoil it for her, hee hee. Alex had a great time and it was supper low stress for me. Well that is untill I had to pay the bill, OUCH!!! All in all it was a great party and just what Alex wanted. I think next year is his turn for the blow out Pirate party!!

Yes, if you were wondering, I made that hideous orange dinosaur cake. It was red velvet inside and had enough food colloring in it to kill a small child. Alex loved it and that's what is important.

Don't we look thrilled to be there? Brad spent most of his time beating the other dads at Pin Ball. I thought he was going to loose it when his ball got stuck durring a record breaking game and he had to unplug the machine to reset it. I think he has been stopping off after work to practice.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

April 2007 a long awaited update

Here is our little yellow belt. Last week Ethan completed his test to become a yellow belt in Tae Kwon Do. We are just so proud of him. He only has a few weeks of Kindergarten left and he is already looking ahead to his Seventh birthday (Jan 2008) . He is just growing up so fast.
Say Cheese!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't resist putting this Chinese dress on to show my mom how incredible cute Gwynn is. My mom came out to visit last week. It is getting so hard to take Gwynn's picture. She won't sit still long enough to snap a picture and she already wants to look at the screen on the back.
This is our Soccer star. His is playing on a team of 4 year olds and they call themselves "The Incredibles". Alex seems to really like playing but his favorite part is the snack afterwards. Big surprise huh?