Thursday, February 09, 2006

Day Three With Gwynn
We bought this incredibly yellow stroller yesterday. I am not exactly sure if she likes it or not. She is still sooooooooo serious. Her little shell is cracking, but not a lot. We are still waiting for a good belly laugh. That could take a while.
Today we went to a local shopping mall. Our guide loaded us up on a bus and drove us about 10 blocks to a department store. You had to pick out an item, get a sales lady to write you up a ticket, take the ticket to the cashier and then go back and pick up your item. You had to do this with every single item. I had so many tickets at one point, I couldn't remember what I had bought. It was a surprise when we got back to the hotel and looked throughout the loot. Everything here is sooooo cheap. I bought some Chinese outfits for Gwynn today, the price they quoted was so good, I didn't have the heart to haggle. I got two outfits and matching shoes for $12. I love China, hee hee.
tomorrow we go out in the afternoon to the Chin Family Temple and stop at the pearl market on the way home. I am excited to get out in the city and see more of what it is really like here. We are out her on shaman Island and so far removed from ordinary life. You should have seen the mob scene we created at the mall. The people were 10 deep trying to get a look at the big nose Americans with the Chinese babies. It was great!!!
We had a real American lunch, Pizza hut. For some reason, our guide thought it would be nice to order pizza for everyone. Well, it was pretty bad. I will stick with the Tai and Japanise restaraunts near the hotel. Oh yea, and we sent our laundry out to get done, two big bags for under 10 dollars. Did I say I love China?


Glaudia-Creator of Dreams said...

Yes, that IS a yellow stroller. I have friends at the airport who go to Bejing just to shop about twice a year. Gosh, too bad about that weight limit on luggage, huh. Gwenneth is just the cutest! I can't wait to see her in person

The Waters said...

Looks like the bows are staying in place pretty well! Little Miss Serious is precious.


Virginia said...

I love the new photos... Gwynn looks like she is absolutely overwhelmed by all the attention and new experiences she's had in the last three days! She's probably never been to a mall or been on a bus or sat in a stroller or been loved as much in her entire young life. What a wonderful gift you are giving her! Hope her cold is better and that you all continue to enjoy your time in China. It will be so good to see you on your return! Love, Virginia

Sam said...

Great photos!! Isn't it a blast shopping in China?! I really miss the laundry service. Have fun!!!