Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Ok, I wont keep you in suspense any more..........

Caroly Kester, Jennifer Taylor and I went to a "sauna" and got massages yesterday. We left the men at the hotel with the girls and went to check out this place Jennifer had heard of from someone. I was a little leary but the prices were great, 208 rmb for a one hour massage, that is the equivalent of about $35 US dollars. Nobody there spoke English, except one of the guys that gave us a 30 minute foot massage for $5. So, it was an interesting game of charades. We were escorted to a locker room and instructed to shower and put on these lovely blue outfits along with some disposable underwear, high fashion I must say. The attendant stayed in the room with us the whole time we were undressing and of course we were laughing our butts off. We then were taken to a big room with about 100 soft chairs and given a foot massage that we didn't ask for. After they were done the one who spoke English asked if we wanted a girl or a boy to do the Body Massage. We promptly said a very ugly girl, hee hee. We were again escorted to a group massage room and three VERY PRETTY GIRLS were waiting for us. They had hot pink terry cloth dressed on that didn't cover there butts, and they were very attractive. They didn't speak a lick of English and I am sure they were talking about us just as much as we were talking about them. At this point our suspicions were confirmed that any of us could have a "happy ending" if we had the money. Boy did those girls know how to give a good massage, worth every yuen!!! We all decided that they boys were not allowed to come back here, but that we might try to squeeze a few more foot massages into our schedule before we leave.

Sorry boys, I didn't get any pictures of the ladies, but they weren't too happy about the camera in there, hee hee.


Kristine said...

No wonder Danny's Mom got so hopping mad when his Dad went for a massage in Hong Kong! She claimed she was worried about them stealing his money, but I knew better. Glad you're getting some pampering in. You're going to need it after the long flight home and trying to acclimate to having 3 kiddos!! Got Gwynn a present today. When will you be home?

Love ya'll!

The Waters said...

Well I know where NOT to send Mike to relax next month when we head to China..thanks for the tip :>)


Our Happy Family Adventures said...

What? no happy ending! HA! Can't wait to see you!