Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Our Soccer Stars

Another season of Soccer

We spent another 8 Saturday mornings at the YMCA in the late fall. Both of the boys played soccer this year. I am still not sure if it was a success. Ethan decided Soccer wasn't for him and has moved on to Basketball. He said there was too much running in soccer. I am anxious to see what he thinks about all of the running in Basketball. We are still waiting for him to find the sport he has some passion about. With Alex we are trying to find a sport he has ANY interest in. I don't think the consider digging a sport in the real sense of the word, but he did want to sign up for soccer again in the spring so we will see how it goes. Her are some highlights from the season. Actually these are the real first photo's from Brads new camera.

This is Alex telling his friend how close his ball came to scoring a goal. Too Cute!!

I would like to say Alex stopped to help his friend up but in reality half the team just throws themselves down on the ground for fun. Now that is what 5 year old soccer is all about.

Can you see the look of fear in there eyes as Alex goes up against the line????

This is Ethan and his great coach. This guy could actually play soccer. Ethan had a great year, but i just don't think this is his sport. We will see.

Here is a look at the spectators. Brads folks came up with there "babies" Tiki and Maui. Alex and Gwynn had little interested in watching the game after the dogs showed up.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Murder Mystery Dinner

Happy Birthday Me!!!
Ok, so it was a couple of months ago and it wasn't any really important birthday but for fun we threw murder mystery dinner. It was the Lethal Luau. Bellow you are looking at King Wiki-Wiki and a dancer named Lailanni. Most of our friends jumped on the band wagon and really got into there parts. My favorite was Les Baggs , played by Rob Gibson, formerly known as Beau Joles (from the pasta and pistols dinner circa 1999). But the super Model "Nadia Seymore" was hot in her red wig. I am just so thankful to have such great friends that will participate in my wild ideas!!!

Here is Nadia and Date....
Gerta and Arand. Not sure what part Arand was playing but he was awfully funny!!!

Les Baggs

Rip Tide
aka the "killer". Dick...I guessed it was him because he spent so long reading his character book. Great job!!!

The golf pro.... Her name escapes me but is was played by Alison

Here is Merel and Ursela, supporting characters. Ursela had lost her voice so she had to give up a speaking roll and her husband Matt refused to play "Holly Day" the wife of the deceased Millionaire. Personally I thought Matt could have pulled it off...

I know I have left out a few but enough already you are probably thinking!!!

Lost Halloween Pictures
Now I remember, Brad got a new camera. We started Soccer and the pictures from my little point and shoot just weren't cutting it. So Brad went out and got himself a early Christmas present. (we had quite a few of those this year) For once I was not solely responsible for capturing all of the memories of our family. What a relief! And now Brad has a new Hobby. I couldn't be happier. I know he will get much more into this than I ever would. And it is electronic, and he can use it at a sporting event. What more would any man want??? So here are a few photo's from our first night out with the camera.

Always, always, always a dirty face. How does he do it??

Adorable, on the outside, tee hee....

Can you see whats lurking behind those jet black eyes??
Love you Co Co Pop!

Here is part of my Glenda the Good Which costume
If you are very very good you can see the whole thing later.

Our sweet Little princess. It just doesn't get better than this. Brad's parents drove up to spend the evening with the kids. That is my mother in law Charlene with one of her adorable weenie dogs. Either Tiki or Maui it is so hard to tell them apart. The kids just love it when they are around.

So this is what eating too much candy looks like.... Alex is an incredibly fast moving target. Most of his pictures are either blurry or of the back of his head. He was dressed as a Shark. The costume has a great hat. It is a shark head Alex's little face peeks out from it's menacing and toothy mouth. Of course, no pictures worth sharing of that. Maybe one of these days I will get him to put it back on.

The perfect Harry Potter. He wanted to wear the lightning bolt scar on his forehead for days after. I even caught him washing everything but his forehead in hopes to make it last longer.

Action shots of the sack race.

Texas Renaissance Fesitval

Texas Renaissance Festival


Hey, it's only OK for ME to call my kids "Unwashed Weasels"

And we have eczema, we can't bath every day....

A few years ago we were here at the festival and Ethan and his buddy Chase went on these trampolines. They had a blast and that was the one thing they kept talking about doing again.

So.. we made a bee-line for the ride. Everything was great.............

Until Ethan snapped about 30 feet up in the air. Boy, you should have seen the look on his face. I think he turned green. He was so scared but didn't want to show it. He was making the funnies faces. For example...the picture below.

I give him credit, he never complained or anything but you could tell he wanted to pee his pants.

Alex and Emma playing king of the Log. Guess who won???

You got it Emma knocked Alex off the log at least 3 times. Maybe he was just being a gentleman, yeah that's it.

Here is the Motley Crew of kids we drug around all day. It really is fun for everyone, and with enough beer stands to keep the dads happy.

After paying a small fortune to get the kids faces painted the incredible artist threw the big girls in for free. This is my friend Ursula, Irish if you couldn't tell from the shamrock.

Pumpkin Carving 08

Clearly for anyone who does the family laundry, pumpkin carving is a shirtless sport. Well, I keep mine on, but no one else in the family is allowed. For some reason this is where I put down my camera and didn't take another picture of the kids for the whole holiday. Shamefull I know. Now I have to beg the neighbors for some pictures of my kids in costumes.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Gotta Love Mall Santa's!!!

Another year, another trip to the Mall Santa. All of the kids loved it and the crowds were small. We left the mall and headed to the car and a serious Christmas miracle happened. It snowed on us. Not the kind that sticks and you can make snow balls out of. The amazing swirling tiny flakes that you can catch on your tong and spin around in with wonder. Perfect day!!!