Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Our Trip To Oregon

Back to School

Is it possable that I haven't posted since December?????

Well, after being inspired by a few bloger friends I figured it is time to update the grandparents with a few photo's since December.

Above is the first day of school. Alex started Kindergarten and Ethan is in 2nd grade. We are currently in the third week of school. Just long enough for the new to have worn off for Alex. He was so nervous to start, he just about had an anxiety attack the last few weeks of summer. The first day of school he was so emotional. As soon as he had that first day under his belt he was a new guy all together. Sweet Relief!!! Now wish us luck on learning our first sight words.

Ethan is just cruising along in 2nd grade. He is still excited about all of his new homework and reading. I think he is happier that I have stopped making him journal every day this summer. Last night he got to make all of his spelling words out of play dough. I really don't remember doing anything that fun in school. Gwynn got in on the action and by dinner time my kitchen table was a total wreck with playdough.

Gwynn started Preschool last week. Like any typical 3rd child, I forgot my camera. I think I was so excited to have a few hours to myself after a super long summer. Maybe my focus wasn't all on Gwynn. sorry. I promise to take the camera tomorrow and get a few shots of Gwynn in her natural environment.