Wednesday, January 24, 2007

This is all it takes to completely shut down the entire city of Houston and get a day off of school.
Can you see them? Tiny little icicles and a super thin coat of ice on our deck. Last Wednesday we actually had what the rest of the country calls a snow day. It was great, but to wet to get outside. We went to McDonald's for lunch expecting the place to be loaded to the gills with all the kids out of school. We couldn't believe it when we found the parking lot empty and the play land quiet. Come on Texans, you can do better than that!!!
Meet CoCo, this is Gwynn's alter ego. She has finally hit her terrible Two's, with a vengeance!!!! She is stomping around here demanding things and trying to boss her brothers and me around. It is hard not to laugh at her when she is doing it because she is just so darn cute!!! Can you see that look on her face, that girl knows how to cut her eyes at you!!! By the way, Brad did her hair in the crazy ponytails and she loved it!! That night when it was time to get ready for bed she cried, I mean really cried when I took them out. Oh, one more thing, she said two new words yesterday....Bow and Shoes. God I love her!!!!

Doesn't he look cute? Well only when he is standing still! For Christmas Gwynn got both a shopping cart and a stroller, unfortunately she never gets to play with either of them. Alex always has them loaded up with his Dino's and runs up and down our extremely long hallway with them. I was surprised when he stood still long enough to snap a shot of his baby doll. The other great thing about his new favorite pass time is the noise hard plastic wheel es make on hard stone tile. My Motrin is running out, help!!!

Last but not least.....Happy Birthday Ethan.........

Ethan turned 6 this weekend and we partied all weekend. It started on Thursday with cupcakes at school. Friday we took him out to his favorite hibachi restaurant. Saturday we had 6 of his friends at the movie theater and Sunday was our family dinner. Boy that was a crazy weekend. Ethan go roller blades and was scooting up and down the hallway as well. He also got a really cool ride on toy called the flying turtle. He just can't stop telling people that he is now six and is totally looking forward to being seven. He wonders how tall he will be in a year and how many teeth he will have lost. It is just too darn cute. He has the sweetest smile.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!
Wow, what a stash of toys. Don't be alarmed, Ethan was taking all the kids toys and piling them up. Still was a great Christmas for all.
And I was worried about getting a tom-boy. NO WAY!!! she has the necklace, ring, bracelet and Cell phone. Gosh I just love her!!!
All Alex wanted for Christmas was a T-rex. Even after pushing the envalope on what is naught and nice, Santa did bring him the T-Rex he asked for. He hasn't let go of it since.
Brad got an X-Box 360 and we haven't seen him since, hee hee. And I got a navagation system for my car. All in all, it was the best Christmas yet. We really had a sence that our family was complete. Really Complete!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We hope you all have a blessed New Year!!!
Our Love,
The Jamails