Saturday, February 11, 2006

Well, She's Perfect!!!!!

I didn't need need a medical exam to tell me that. And actually they only speak Chinese so I have no idea what they said, hee hee. I do know that Gwynn is pounds, with all her clothes on. Is 69 cm long and her head is " around. The medical exam day is totally chaotic!!! Everyone crowed into a medical clinic and you have to get three examinations done. So there are no lines and no order you just run around and try to squeeze yourself into see the different doctors in a huge crowd in a very small space. Totally Crazy!!!!!! We had a piece of paperwork we carried around and the doctors wrote down thre exams on it. This doctor told our guide that he had to have Brad sign it because he didn't think I was old enough to be a mother. Hee hee. He obviously saw the gray hair on Brad because he didn't have any problem believing Brad was old enough. See even in China I get carded. Eventually we got our of there and Gwynn was no worse for the wear. We are one step closer to taking our baby home.

tomorrow we take a three hour bus ride to Yang Jiang City to see the orphanage Gwynn spent the last 9 months in. We have been told that it is new and not open all the way to the public. Each group that gets to go gets a little farther in. I am planning on storming the gates, just kidding, I wouldn't want to end up in a Chinese prison, Alex is really missing me.

My mom logged onto the Blog yesterday to show Ethan and he said, Oh yea, I saw that at school. So here is a big thank to all the ladies at Timber Ridge. You have been so good to our family, I know the boys are in great hands while we are away.

Gwynn took a three hour nap this afternoon and now is trying to post to the blog herself. I have forgotten how fast these little hands can move. Oh, and by the way, I am wearing my pearls with my jeans and t shirt, hee hee. Just can't help it.


Kristine said...

So glad to hear that she is healthy. I know that's a relief to you both!

Your numbers for her weight didn't post, but I'm sure she's just right for her age- she looks great.

We're still in the house hunt, but have had lots of showings on ours and have only been listed for 2 weeks...I know the right house is out there for us!

We miss ya'll!


Jeff Rhame said...

Too cute...., did I mention Jagger likes younger women?

She is going to need her big brothers Alex and Ethan to help keep all of the boys away.

Good to hear you guys are having a great trip and no hiccups along the way. Can't wait to see you guys back home

Glaudia-Creator of Dreams said...

I swear Andrea, you should be a journalist. You have done a wonderful job of keeping everyone so up to date on your progress there. And your pictures are great! (And I know pictures...My grandkids first word was "cheeeeeeeesssse") I know the three of you will be glad to get back home to your boys.