Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Gottcha Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am still in shock, but it is true, we have Gwynn, and she is BEAUTIFULL!!!!! We went to the civil affairs office this afternoon in Guangzhou and she was placed in our arms forever at 3 p.m. None of the babies in our group cried at all, and she hasn't shed a tear yet. She is a very sweet and serious baby. She sucks her two middle fingers and makes the cutest babbling noises. We are totally in LOVE!!! Not to mention totall exhausted. She is sleeping soundly, and of course SNORING, she wouldn't be a Jamail if she didnt. It takes so long to upload pictures, I am going to cut my post short so I can add a few and get to bed. She seems to have a cold, and a very wet cough, we are keeping an eye on it and praying that it doesn't get any worse. Let me tell you, she defiantely does not like Robitussing CF, and I just dont' have the heart to hold her down and stuff it in her mouth. Maybe tomorow.


Laurie said...


She's beautiful. Sounds like all is going well so far except for the cold.



The Waters said...

Congratulations! She is as beautiful as we thought :>))) Cant wait to see more pictures..you and Brad look so happy!!!


the christner's said...

Gwynne is gorgeous! I know you are on cloud nine. I hardly slept last night -- thinking that right at that moment you were about to/or in the process of getting your baby. I cannot wait to see her. Enjoy the rest of your trip -- take lots of pictures.


Virginia said...

Your smiles say it all... congratulations on your beautiful new daughter! Just looking at your photos bring tears of happiness to my eyes! Thank you so very much for allowing me be to be part of your experience... I'm posting the photos on the bulletin board at church so that all of TRPC can enjoy them!

Our prayers will continue for Gwynnie's good health and your safe return. God bless each of you... With love, Virginia

Cynetha said...

Oh my gosh!! I'm crying. She is soooooo sweet. Have a safe trip home. We miss you.
Love Cynetha and family (and your friend Eme)

Our Happy Family Adventures said...

Words cannot explain how beautiful she is. Her eyes are like little halves of hearts and she has the most perfect little eyebrows. We are so happy for you guys! Russell, Val & Mia

Glaudia-Creator of Dreams said...

Oh Andrea! I just can't stop crying. The look on your face says it all. What a gift.

Sam said...


I am so thrilled for you!!! Gwynn is so beautiful! Happy Forever Family Day!!!