Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Long awaited update to the Jamail Family Blog.
I have been having some serious technical difficulties trying to upload pictures to this blog. I had all but given up. Just for fun, I tried again tonight, and hey, it worked. Yippee!!
Below you will find pictures of our 4 week vacation to California. Two weeks of that was spent camping at Eagle Lake. The kids had a blast, as usual., swimming in the lake, taking boat rides, catching frogs and getting VERY VERY dirty!!! All if you can complain about how hot this summer was, but I have you beat, it was 117 degrees one of the days we were in Redding California. Talk about out of the frying pan and in to the fire!!! If you were wondering, we potty trained Alex while on vacation. Wherever he went, the potty went, much to my grandmothers delight, hee hee. We also took a drive through Lassen Volcanic park and played in the snow. The boys thought it was the coolest thing that they got to play on a Valcano.
I hope you enjoy the photo's and I will try harder to keep this thing updated.
Sledding down a volcano!!!
Gwennie and her friend Naia Partlow. Does it get any cuter than thoes two?
There must have been hundred of frogs out on the shores of Eagle lake. The boys would just bend down and grab them by the dozens.
Here is the cutest pig tails EVER!!!

We had a camp fire every night, Ethan would help light it. Gwynnie only stayed awake long enough to see a couple of the camp fires. Hey if you don't get to eat the some-mores, what it the point, right?