Monday, February 27, 2006

Believe it or not we made it home in one piece. Thank God those customs guys didn't stop us, I think we may have been just a little bit over our allowed amount to bring back into the country.
It has been just over a week since we got Gwynnie home and we are finale back to normal. Well, normal for the Jamails. Ethan is at Nana's house and Alex has the flu. Doesn't that sound just about right? I should have known something was up when my Pediatrician kept saying our daughter from China HAD to be healthier than my home grown kids. hee hee.
The flight home was half great. Gwynn was a total trooper, she didn't cry for more than a few minutes when she was really hungry or trying to fall asleep. Brad was the perfect attentive daddy. It was me who had the problems. About 10 hours into our 20 hour trek home I started feeling nauseous, and spent the next 10 hours staring into a barf bag or shoving flight attendants and passenger's out of line for the lav's. Its was terrible. We had such a wonderful trip, but I just fell apart the last two days. When I did shove a flight attendant on my mad dash to the bathroom, she waited outside the lavatory. She just had to ask me if I was pregnant, knowing we had just adopted a baby girl. Well, I thought to myself, if this is going to get me any special favors or more sympathy I would go along with it. It worked, I had the flight attendants running interference for me and helping me find empty bathrooms when the "need " arose.
Brad kept telling me he thought we should stay over in New Jersey until I felt better. I just wanted to get home. We had a wonderful airport employee meet us in Customs and immigration with a wheel chair. She was great. I held Gwynn on my lap while Brad lugged around all of our carry on luggage and stroller. This wonder woman pushed me and the cart with our checked baggage. She took us to the front of every line and got us to our connecting flight with a ton of time to spare. I told Brad it was kind of surreal, being wheeled around with Gwynn like they wheeled me out of the hospital with the boys. Funny thing was I had felt much better after giving birth than I did after a 14 1/2 hour flight.
We finale got home at 9 pm. When we pulled into the driveway we could see the boys pressing there faces to the front window waiting for us. They were soooo excited. Alex couldn't stop kissing things, my leg, Gwynn, the wall, even his brother. Ethan was all smiles and questions, they have really fallen in love with there sister. She just fits right into the family.
Gwynn is adjusting to us very well. She is still a very serious little girl, but she knows how to loosen up. She will be sitting in the middle of the floor being totally quiet and all of a sudden out of no where she just burst out laughing, good belly laughs. Grandma was a big help the week she stayed. She took most of the night time duty and played with the boys during the day. We sure hated to see her go, and I am sure she hated to leave. My dad threatened her with divorce if she didn't come home, yea right dad, you couldn't live without her, hee hee. So now it is just the 5 of us. Anyone want to come visit???????
I am going to try to keep the blog updated with pictures and funny stories about the family. Keep checking, you never know what I might get us all into, ha!!


The Waters said...

Gwynnie and her brothers look absolutely precious :>) So glad you made it back in one piece!!! I loved following your journey...

Hugs to you and yours,

Sam said...

Kieren and I will come visit! Glad you made it back. Sorry about being so sick! Love the photos!!