Friday, January 27, 2006

HELP!!!!! I am losing my MIND!!

It is official, I am freaking out!!! We are leaving in 8 days and I haven't even started to pack. I am totally scatterbrained and can barely sleep. You know that point in every pregnancy that you want the child out of your body but you start to realize it is really going to hurt in order to get it out. Well, I have discovered that you reach that same point in international adoption. And for those of you whom have heard me say "I feel like I am going on Vacation for two weeks" Well, you can stop laughing because that warm fuzzy feeling is GONE!!!!

But seriously, I have had a to do list 10 miles long and have been working away at it every day. It is significantly smaller and Brad is actually taking over some of the things I really don't want to do. I have all the medication anyone could possibly need in a foreign country. ( Brad is not going to experience a moments heartburn with all the crap I am hauling over there. ) But with the weather in Guangzhou being between 60 and 78 degrees I am a little confused on the packing.

We received our itinerary yesterday. Included on it are, a visit to the Orphanage, Chen Family's Temple, Yun Tai Gardens, of course the Great Wall, Tien An Men Square and the Forbidden City. It all seems to be coming together nicely. Now if I could just make myself pack we would be all set.

By the way, any ideas on What a 10 month old does? hee hee.

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