Friday, January 20, 2006

Can you Pick her out, I can!!!

Last week we were blessed with a new picture of Gwynneth. A family that adopted the cute girl sucking on Charlie Brown's, head sent these to us. The Cambel family sent a care package to there daughter that had a camera in it. When I posted pictures of Gwynn on a yahoo group site they sent these to me saying "We have a picture of you daughter". No question in my mind. Have you spotted her yet? She is the DIVA second from the Right, white shirt, red pants.

We were told that there are over 100 little girls Gwynn's age in the Social Welfare Instite(SWI). This SWI opened for internation adoption in December and also is a home for the elderly. We are definately keeping our fingers crossed that we will be allowed to visit and see what it was like for Gwynn's first 10 months. Someone reported that Civil Unrest in Guangdong kept the last adoption group from visiting.

Keep you fingers crossed for us, we leave two weeks from tomorow and expect to have Gwynn in our arms forever on Feb 7th. This is going to be the best Valentines day!!!

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The Waters said...

I can pick out the little princess Jamail! Your so close to getting her, I cant wait!!!

I'll be with you in spirit while your on 'vacation'..:>)))