Friday, January 16, 2009

Murder Mystery Dinner

Happy Birthday Me!!!
Ok, so it was a couple of months ago and it wasn't any really important birthday but for fun we threw murder mystery dinner. It was the Lethal Luau. Bellow you are looking at King Wiki-Wiki and a dancer named Lailanni. Most of our friends jumped on the band wagon and really got into there parts. My favorite was Les Baggs , played by Rob Gibson, formerly known as Beau Joles (from the pasta and pistols dinner circa 1999). But the super Model "Nadia Seymore" was hot in her red wig. I am just so thankful to have such great friends that will participate in my wild ideas!!!

Here is Nadia and Date....
Gerta and Arand. Not sure what part Arand was playing but he was awfully funny!!!

Les Baggs

Rip Tide
aka the "killer". Dick...I guessed it was him because he spent so long reading his character book. Great job!!!

The golf pro.... Her name escapes me but is was played by Alison

Here is Merel and Ursela, supporting characters. Ursela had lost her voice so she had to give up a speaking roll and her husband Matt refused to play "Holly Day" the wife of the deceased Millionaire. Personally I thought Matt could have pulled it off...

I know I have left out a few but enough already you are probably thinking!!!

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