Saturday, July 21, 2007

South Padre Island

Fun at the beach!!!
The weekend of father’s day we packed up and headed south, I mean way south.

Our first stop was in Rockport to spend the weekend with Brad’s folks and there new travel trailer at Goose Island State Park. We played in the kiddy pool and shot water guns at each other and played lots of card games. We ended up taking the kids down to the docks with fishing polls and crab nets. Alex was the lucky fisherman; he caught a stripped Red Fish carcass by the tail and was really mad when we threw it back in. After one night of camping we must have looked really pathetic and hungry. While we were fishing at the docks two different boats pulled up and gave us a big bucket of crab and two big beautiful red fish. Boy did we have a feast that night.

From there we hopped back into the car and drove to South Padre Island. One of Brad’s customers offered up a wonderful condo for a few days. We took Gwynn to the beach for the first time and let me tell you… she hated it!!! For the first hour and a half she cried and tried to keep her feet out of the sand as much as she could. Brad and I tried to ignore her as much as we could and eventually she came around. She had a ball digging in the sand and getting her feet buried. Brad got the boys boogie boards and took them out to the big waves. Alex was most interested in hunting for sea shells. It is a perfect vacation with kids. For us it was just a warm up for our week in Destin Florida.

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The Waters said...

Well at least you got Gwynn warmed up for the next beach trip! The kids are adorable, love those pink swimmies!