Thursday, April 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Alex

Here we are celebrating Alex's 4th birthday at "The House of Mouse" that is code for Chuck e Cheese. One of my friends couldn't come to the party, since moving to Texas from California she told her kids they didn't have a Chucki e Cheese in Texas. We couldn't spoil it for her, hee hee. Alex had a great time and it was supper low stress for me. Well that is untill I had to pay the bill, OUCH!!! All in all it was a great party and just what Alex wanted. I think next year is his turn for the blow out Pirate party!!

Yes, if you were wondering, I made that hideous orange dinosaur cake. It was red velvet inside and had enough food colloring in it to kill a small child. Alex loved it and that's what is important.

Don't we look thrilled to be there? Brad spent most of his time beating the other dads at Pin Ball. I thought he was going to loose it when his ball got stuck durring a record breaking game and he had to unplug the machine to reset it. I think he has been stopping off after work to practice.

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Kelly said...

I remember those days, we had Greg's 2nd birthday at that place.
Do you believe he is going to be sweet 16 this summer. ha

lots of love
Aunt Kelly