Saturday, January 06, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!
Wow, what a stash of toys. Don't be alarmed, Ethan was taking all the kids toys and piling them up. Still was a great Christmas for all.
And I was worried about getting a tom-boy. NO WAY!!! she has the necklace, ring, bracelet and Cell phone. Gosh I just love her!!!
All Alex wanted for Christmas was a T-rex. Even after pushing the envalope on what is naught and nice, Santa did bring him the T-Rex he asked for. He hasn't let go of it since.
Brad got an X-Box 360 and we haven't seen him since, hee hee. And I got a navagation system for my car. All in all, it was the best Christmas yet. We really had a sence that our family was complete. Really Complete!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We hope you all have a blessed New Year!!!
Our Love,
The Jamails

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The Waters said...

Ok fess up where'd ya get the pink kitchen, I think Jade needs one :>) I'm so glad you all had a great Christmas. Gwynnie fits right in and looks like she's been there with you all along.

Miss u!