Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Happy Halloween
I hope your holiday was as fun as ours. We had a block party, a costume birthday party and then the actual Halloween night of fun. Our costumes payed for themselves this year. Alex dressed like the Hulk and would show his muscles when asked and Ethan dress up as Peter the night from Narnia. Of course our Gwynnie went as Tinker bell in a costume I slaved over for the last few months. It wasn't totally finished by the 31st, oh well, still looked cute.
This year Alex decided to be scared of just about everything Halloween. He would put his little hand up to his mouth and start chanting "too scary, too scary". We had to walk him with his eyes closed past anything the lesast bit questionable. I think he almost had a heart attack at wallmart when a halloween decoration started talking to him. Hopefully he gets over this by next year, I really missed decorating the house with all of our fun and scary decorations.
Ethan is doing great in school. He is reading like a champ and taking Tai Kwon Do lessons two days a week. He loves riding the bus and is in a wonderful science program two afternoons a week. The bad news is, at 5 1/2 he is having his adnoids removed for the third, yes I said third, time and tubes put in his ears. The doctor said we are his first patients to have adnoids grow back twice and that Ethan should have grown out of this by now. So I told him that all my children are extraordinary, hee hee.
Gwynn has officially hit the terrible two's. Everyone askes me if she is adjusting well, don't have to worry about that girl, she is over the adjustment. She is doing great, and letting me know exactly what she likes and doesn't like. She has started talking some, and is doing great with her sign language. You really can tell the difference between boys and girls. No offence boys. She is just as cute as they come and is a great helper around the house. We are really enjoying her!!!
I hope you all have a great thanksgiving.

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The Waters said...

Hi Andrea! Yes your kids are extraordinary! :>))) Tinkerbell is just too cute for words. Hard to imagine her having any terrible two incidents!!!

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