Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Stork has been sighted.................

Well, this is it. Our adoption agency sent out an e mail today stating that our referral is on its way from China to there offices in Austin Texas. Sometime by Friday we should get "the call" where we will find out where in China she lives and how old she is, and finally get to see her sweet face!!! Although we really thought we would be bringing her home for Christmas, this is definitely the next best thing. We started this whole process officially January of 2005 so this has been the longest pregnancy I have ever had. And probably the most exciting, frustrating, stressfully and time consuming one yet! We are finally going to get our girl.

I know that Friday is going to be a crazy day, so check back at the Blog. I will post the picture just as soon as we get it. Thaks for sticking with us!!


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