Thursday, February 09, 2006

Shopping, Shopping, Shopping

Here are some photo's of our shopping trip yesterday. This crazy guy with the chicken was playing some kind of Chinese clarinet type instrument. I got some video of it. He had some kind of boiled peanuts or something that he was selling.

We arrived here in China at the end of the spring festival, or the Chinese New Year Festival, I don't know if they normally have all these lanterns hung, but it was beautiful. I can't wait to get back there and shop outside of that crazy department store.

The last picture is the open square in the front of the market street. There were two McDonald's right across the square from each other.

On another note, we have a funny feeling that we keep seeing the same Chinese people around where ever we go. We have one family that the husband is in Airforce and they totally think they are being followed. I am sure Brad the mechanic isn't quite the security risk that the pilot is. I know for a fact that I saw the same women at the Forbidden city that was sitting in front of my on the plane ride from Beijing to Guangzhou. Ok, I know that I haven't been getting much sleep, I am up every morning by about 4 a.m., but I don't think I have gone totally nuts, yet. We will keep investigating and let you know, hee hee.

Wish me luck at the pearl market today. Or should I say wish Brad luck that I get out of there with any money left, ha ha ha.


the christner's said...

She is SOOOO CUTE!!! Keep blogging (or whatever you are supposed to call it). I check everyday. Are you reading the messages that everyone is leaving? What size is she wearing? Can't wait to see you.
Love you!!!

Cynetha said...

I'm having so much fun running and checking your blog every evening. You're going to have to keep posting after you get home. Enjoy your shopping!!
Miss ya,

Kristine said...


I am sooooo lame- I forgot about your blog. Could it be that I have 3 children? Heck, yeah! Oh my gosh, she is the most gorgeous little creature!! Andrea, I have tears of joy for you today and cannot wait to meet your new little girl. You look so amazingly happy and Gwynn looks right at home in your and Brad's arms.

I know this is my first time seeing the pictures, but dang, girl, I'm wayyy impressed. I know China must be amazing. Soak up everything like a sponge so you can share it with us!

Love to all of you,
The Chus